Struggling to be Heard – Unreported World Expose Vietnam’s Dog Snatchers – Julia’s Huffpo Blog

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Vietnam’s Dog Snatchers documentary in the Channel 4 series Unreported World exposes the ugly world of the dog meat trade in Vietnam. In her Huffington Post Blog today Julia interviews one of  the film’s makers Nelufar Hedayat about her experiences and views.

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  1. my heart bleeds for these poor angels thanks for your hard work and save as many as you can god bless i donate to this cause

  2. It just makes me sick to my core that this behaviour goes on in the world. Yes, perhaps I was aware of it before but the reality of seeing it and having to process it again so graphically is just so difficult and upsetting. In most civilised nations our dogs are our pets, our family and part of our lives, they have souls and give us, as owners such treasured joyful moments & unconditional love.

    To think in other countries, just as part of a culture are evolving and now embracing dogs as their pets another darker side thinks that dogs are just a means of food and an income.

    Whatever I/ we think, we have to act in a humane way to give respect to all animals and at least start with a process of education moving on from theft and barbarianism for monetary gains to enlightenment and education to move forward embracing different cultures and at least respect every animals right to a painless death, regardless of how incredibly shocking the concept as a whole is.

    Thank you to the brave people who I am sure with heavy hearts have filmed these distressing events in order to yet again educate us, remind us, the masses, in an attempt to bring this uncomfortable truth to the fore front.

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