News: 350 Cats Rescued by Activists Yesterday in China

News: 350 Cats Rescued by Activists Yesterday in China

Rex : A truck load of around 350 cats destined to be taken to a meat processing factory has been intercepted by animal rights activists in the Putuo district of Shanghai. The cats were mostly strays from around Shanghai city but also included stolen pet cats with some of the animals still wearing collars and tags around their necks. The truck itself was littered with the bodies of dead birds that had been used to lure the cats in before they were packed into tiny wooden boxes. The vehicle was reportedly headed to Guangzhou in South China to a ‘fake meat’ factory where the cat meat would have been treated and sold as pork / lamb. However, before it was able to leave activists stopped the truck and rang the police. As there are no laws against animal cruelty in China, the driver was detained on the grounds he had no livestock license for transportation. While he was at the police station activists moved the cats to another truck intending to reunite them with owners or find new homes for them.
Photographer: Rex/Jonathan Browning

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