Join Us Today in Trafalgar Square, Korean Awareness Day

July is the start of Sambok in Korea. ‘ Boknal’ is the ‘ traditional ‘ celebration of the three hottest days of summer. Chobok takes place on July 11, Jubok on July 21, and the final day, Malbok, is August 11. For years we have protested against the cruel use of dogs to make soup and serve to revellers during this time. Progress has been made with the closure of markets like Moran Market in Seoul, and congresspeople in Korea are now pushing to outlaw the dog meat trade; we know, just like with Yulin, cruelty to dogs and cats happens all year round, and until this ends, we continue to speak out. Please join us this afternoon for a few hours in Trafalgar Square to stand with our activist friends in Asia and raise our voices. If you can not make it buy a t-shirt or wristband from our shop and wear it dog walking or get some flyers you to can hand out.

Meet us in Trafalgar Square at 2 pm near the National Gallery if you can. #NoActionTooSmall #NoToDogMeat

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