The Dog Behind a Beijing Restaurant – Clara

Just when we thought our broken hearts could take no more, Anna uncovered a small restaurant not far from Beijing airport with cages at the back. She got inside and saw a pitiful beauty imprisoned with no food or water. Villagers said she had been snatched from her puppies, who perished and would be served up for the July festivities if customers came.
The owner of the restaurant would not let us have her, and Anna went home defeated. Our brave heroine could not rest. She saw the light in Clara’s eyes and went back today. What joy. The old man running the restaurant mainly sells dumplings and told her business was terrible. Anna pleaded with the restaurant owner to release this beautiful dog, and he did! How wonderful to know many people in China have a good heart. Education is needed to change the way they treat animals, and our mission is to make this happen. Our hearts hurt that she lost her puppies, but now she will be safe.
We only have a basic medical facility which means we have to send Clara to the animal hospital. Our veterinary bills are fast-rising with Davina, the truck rescues and our Yulin 21 Dogs, including Cain who is so sick.

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