NoToDogMeat Thanksgiving March – Animal Friends Manado Indonesia !

2015 demo 14

Animal Friends Manado Indonesia  marched on 24th July 2015 to say NoToDogMeat in advance of Indonesian Thanksgiving Day, 26th July, yesterday.  Although dog meat is eaten all year round in Indonesia it is particularly eaten on this day.  AFMI are extremely dedicated and protest EVERY month in local town Tondano where many of them live and also in nearby Tomohon (the Daily Mail ran an article on Tomohon market last year ) but this month to mark Thanksgiving Day they marched from Koni Sario to God Bless Park in the city of Manado the capital city of North Sulawesi. They are very passionate indeed about the tragedy of the dog meat trade and for AFMI Thanksgiving day is a day of grief and not celebration.

On the placards ‘RW’ stands for Rintek Wuuk which is the Indonesian name for dog meat. They are determined to never give up !!

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  1. Stop eat dog and cat meat

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