NoToDogMeat Sydney Hyde Park Rally Sunday Please Come!

Do you live in Sydney and are you free this Sunday?! Hate the dog and cat meat trade? Please come and shout “NoToDogMeat!” at the Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park, Sydney , Australia this Sunday 26th July 11am-1pm. Pledge to be there on the Facebook page

Clever Debra Moodie the organiser of this event has got her story in the paper- well done!

debra moodie article

Debra says this:

“My voice may only be one, but I know there are many of you out there that are just as opposed to the cruel dog and cat meat trade as I am.
Let us come together on Sunday 26th July and join forces to let our voices be heard for all the poor dogs and cats being brutally tortured and slaughtered in China and Korea to show we want this vile trade to end.
The world needs like-minded people to stand together to make it a better place for animals and people alike.
Will you join this march in support of ending the torture and slaughter of these dogs and cats?”

Please meet at Hyde Park Nth-Archibald Fountain on the Market Street side. There is parking in Domain Parking Station off Albert St & also in Cathedral Square off Cathedral St. The grass area at Hyde Park will be a good starting point if you are bringing your pooch. Here are 2 maps- the first is the route we will be taking approved by the police- Along footpath West down Market St, right onto George St, right onto King St, left onto Pitt St, rest at Martin Place 15-30 mins, right into Elisabeth St finish at 111 Elisabeth St at Korean Embassy. The second is a larger view of city & shows parking. Thank you everyone for your continued support, keep inviting & sharing this event.

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  2. This boiling of a dog with him screaming in pain is just horrific!! These bastards in China have no feelings for an animal and somehow need to be stopped! Put them in jail and let them rot, or better yet, boil them!!

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