Chinese Rescue #707 Tianjin Day 4 379 Dogs Counted.

Via Compassion for China’s Animals, Facebook.
Volunteers are working hard at the scene and have counted 379 dogs. No lives have been lost today! A few are looking lethargic, understandably.
Lots of large dogs are penned in here, golden retrievers and GSD’s and large fans have been brought in by aunts to try and keep the area cool.
Dog food, basic medication is at the scene now which is a welcome relief!
As there are so many government departments involved, the volunteers must try to cooperate with the officials to combat the illegal dog dealers and secure the release of the innocent dogs. This is the ultimate goal!

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  1. Please stop this digusting Festival! 😢😭😭

  2. its old myths stop this now

  3. Please do not give up, your bravery in standing up for the dogs and what is right, does not go unnoticed. We stand strong behind you and will pray, sign petitions, scream, boycott, and not give up. I know that evil can not continue there will be a rising. Enough is enough, for all abusers of animals no matter what country or who you are. We’ve seen and there’s no going back!

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