#Notodogmeat Demonstrate outside Chinese Embassy 9th June

#Notodogmeat Demonstrate outside Chinese Embassy 9th June

Notodogmeat is deeply troubled by the planned mass consumption of dog meat in Yulin City, defended by many as the “Summer Solstice Lychee Dog Meat Festival”, planned to take place on the 21st June. The event will see the brutal killing of an estimated 10,000 dogs.

At previous events, eyewitnesses, local investigators and the media have reported crude and brutal forms of handling and slaughter, including bludgeoning and live-skinning, often in public view.

Despite claims from Yulin officials that the dogs are raised by local farmers, in reality the theft of dogs by criminal gangs to supply the demand for dog meat is an ever-growing problem. Stolen pets and dogs collected from the streets and rural communities are then transported to the city on filthy, overcrowded trucks, posing a significant risk to rabies and other communicable disease transmission.

Whilst some defend the event as a local “folk custom”, the reality is that, regardless of its origin, the promotion of the mass consumption of dog meat is a profit-driven event that undermines the national and public interest and safety, and promotes the illegal sourcing and trading of dogs, posing a serious risk to human health, public safety, societal stability, and animal welfare.

Notodogmeat supports efforts being led by local animal protection groups and in solidarity this with them demonstrated outside the Chinese Embassy in London last Monday, 9th June against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. We tried to hand in a petition but it was rejected by the Embassy…

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