800 Cats Rescue: Update

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During the past couple days it has been a whirlwind. Our Sophie Ling is completely exhausted and no doubt this has been a traumatic experience for everyone.

From negotiating with police to release the cats to being stonewalled into discussing politics with the Ministry of Agriculture – we finally were able to obtain results.

Approximately 32 hours ago, the cats were released to a countryside. Activists that were present scrambled to save the cats that they could. Many of the cats are with the activists – yet many are still out there roaming the streets freely.

Many questions – does this mean the traders will be able to re-obtain them?  Yes this does, this also means they are not safe – not by a long shot. The thieves and traders will try again, they will try to start all over again.

Fact is it is impossible for a small rescue organisation to home over 800 cats – yet the fact that these cats were set free and are no longer in cramped crates is a small step.

Not all hope is lost – a majority of the cats are with rescues, and activists. They will continue to need your financial support and we will continue to work on the ground and behind the scenes with our outreach.

It has truly been a long few days for everyone – no sleep, no food – however a small price to pay as we love our animals and are willing to go to great lengths to see them safe!

As always – evidence of the 800 cat rescue and more updates can be found on our Facebook page As well as our twitter @NoToDogMeat

Our best friends! Compassion for China's Animals - 颗对中国动物的怜悯心 and others.
Our best friends! Compassion for China’s Animals – 颗对中国动物的怜悯心 and others. #Rescue425

No To Dog Meat & Team Rescue 800 Cats

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Six hours ago, No To Dog Meat Sophie Ling, and The Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline Alliance – Intercepted a truck load of 800 cats!


The cats were unloaded from the truck with the help of the fire department. The team has been watching the warehouse all week.

The Police were called and all cats have been confiscated without food and water, while being placed in the pound.

Sophie and two colleagues plus the activists were there negotiating with police at 3 am– to try and reason with them so they could feed and give water to these poor cats or possibly have them released.

Sophie will have to put in an official complaint to see that these cats are released – we are awaiting more updates as this rescue continues on.

theteamThe Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline Alliance

We support everyone on the front line – Including The Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline Alliance activists. We will continue to update as information is sent to us from Sophie Ling and other contacts over in China.

If you wish to help with a donation towards food and medical care, this money will be sent over to them as fast as possible.

You can donate here:

No To Dog Meat: Trip To China

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Our very own Sophie Ling has made a safe landing in China. After settling in, Sophie met with various organisations and volunteers. Although, it is not easy to meet and greet with individuals as many do not trust foreigners – Sophie has been building trust for our organization and people like us.  As is many have frowned upon the actions a few of the residents have done in China – However, we will not judge the entirety of their country as it is only a select few acting in a abhorrent way.

Sophie our lovely team member has reassured people that we are respectful of the culture and that we are not hear to judge. Sophie has taken a few pictures over the course of a few days and we would like to share these photos.

Entry Visa Stamp – Proving That No To Dog Meat: Sophie Ling has landed in China.landedinChina

An advertisement in the paper – for happy dog faced shoe pattern. (Wish I was young again and had a pair, these are cute). Although, it’s a shame about the leather in the shoes! We as a team are against the fur and leather industry as well.


Animals have always been seen as “cute”. More of the younger generation are being taught and are learning – to see animals as sentient beings and as beings to protect.

Finding a pet shope in some areas wasn’t easy to find – yet when found. A marvelous selection of treats was abundant.

Progress is happening – as animals are becoming more cared for and loved as family companions. Many dogs are seeing themselves in loving homes throughout China.

Last year – Sophie made a trip and took photos before of a rescue that is in desperate need of help. She will be going again – to the same place to try and help these lovely people who have saved so many dogs.

This is why No To Dog Meat / World Protection For The Dogs And Cats In The Meat Trade – makes trips around the globe. To build foreign friendships while helping rescues with funds for food, vetting and even transport. This is why we fundraise – To help animals in need.

We are their voice – Join us to end cruelty.

More updates to come of Sophie’s trip.

Sophie visits China this week!

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Sophie visits China this week!

This week we will be sharing Sophie’s story about her visit to China. She has lots to say on how she felt as a new campaigner experiencing the horrors of the dog meat trade. She also visited some amazing shelters that need our support.
This week is also the start of our World Fund-raise for small shelters
( who apply to our charity for grants on an almost daily basis) and our Celebrity Writing Campaign.
If you can help in any way, please get in touch
Skype: NoToDogMeat
tel: + 44 207 873 2250
We need to tell the world is Cruelty is not Cool !

Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, China 21st June

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Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, China 21st June

#NoToDogMeat – want the #Yulin dog eating festival stopped before it starts this year. Many more Chinese activists and celebs are getting involved. They started in Weibo – we must echo them & offer encouragement to get a result – make sure the world hears about this disgusting ‘festival’ where all ages participate in eating dogs who will have suffered severely 10-15,000 in a weekend! #cancelYulinDogEatingFestival – in support of TACN official.