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#Notodogmeat Activism Works

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NoToDogMeat Activism works ! Over the last 4 years activists have really been working together globally to pressurise the South Korean Government to end the dog meat trade. DASAOM/ C-GAON (the Korean activist group we support) have protested relentlessly all summer and winter outside Moran Market and in the streets of Seoul.  Progress is being made despite permission being given for more large dog farms to be built.

On Wednesday,  January 25th 2017 (today) activists and media will meet Senator Pyo Chang-Wan, Chairman of the Animal Welfare Committee in the National Assembly in South Korea.  He will host a conference  where he will announce his plans to introduce changes to the current Korean Animal Protection legislation that hopefully will make further steps to end the dog and cat meat trade.

Our own teams will be out in London on Thursday 26th at the Chinese Embassy and BBC tomorrow Jan 26th.   Join us! #TeamWork #SupportTheSolution


#StopBokNal2015 Team Set Off On Journey!

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Today Robert, Daisy, Justin and their 7 strong doggy team today commence their journey along Scotland’s Great Glen Way! Over the next 7 days they will be covering 80 miles. The trails starts from Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK.

Just before setting off Fort William
Just before setting off from Fort William

The team are walking to raise awareness of the terrible Korean dog meat trade and the period of intensified dog meat eating around Bok Nal, the hottest days of the year. One of the fallacies used to promote dog eating in Korea is that is helps to cool the body.

In Korea dogs are actually farmed and there is even a breed of dog which is regarded by Koreans as livestock for the purposes of consumption. This is the Nureongi dog – which literally means ‘yellow one’ they are regarded in Korea as inferior but in reality they are just like any other dog – capable of loving, feeling and suffering. Those few dogs who have been rescued make loving companions.

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Pictured here is Claudia, a NoToDogMeat supporter with her rescued Nureongi dog. Other dogs can also be bought for meat at markets and people can even take their own dog to the slaughterhouse when they have served their purpose….

Please help the dogs and cats begging for their lives!

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Every year, an estimated two million dogs are slaughtered for human consumption in South Korea and right now in China ( on June 21st ) a heinous dog meat eating festival in Yulin China will take place.

There are dogs suffering on dog meat farms, and in markets and slaughterhouses, waiting terrified of their fate as you read this. Cats suffer too, boiled alive to make soups and health drinks

It is inconceivable to think even former pets are sold into this trade by their owners or people still believe the more the animal suffers the better the meat tastes.

NoToDogMeat believes that respecting cultural tradition does not mean condoning cruelty.

We campaign on behalf of our registered charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade 1154524.

Our mission is to work closely with local activists and shelters and together we can make a difference.

We urgently need your help to continue our work. Can you set up a monthly donation or make a one off contribution?

No action is too small.

The dogs and cats begging for their lives can not thank you but we can!



Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, China 21st June

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Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, China 21st June

#NoToDogMeat – want the #Yulin dog eating festival stopped before it starts this year. Many more Chinese activists and celebs are getting involved. They started in Weibo – we must echo them & offer encouragement to get a result – make sure the world hears about this disgusting ‘festival’ where all ages participate in eating dogs who will have suffered severely 10-15,000 in a weekend! #cancelYulinDogEatingFestival – in support of TACN official.