Our team in China will build up a bigger case next week. Let us help them by building the pressure! Please send a letter (sample letter below) or email to the Chinese Ambassador in your country and to the YuLin Food Standards office: sp@gxfda.gov.cn (FDA office in YuLin, China)

political@chinese-embassy.org.uk ; 

chinaembpress_us@mfa.gov.cn  (US Embassy in DC, US)

If you have any friends in China, please ask them to call the YuLin officials to oppose this gruesome event. To call from UK it is 00-86-775-5809001. To call them from the US, you need to add 011-86 and take out the “0”. For example, to call the first person, Mr. Chen, from the States, you dial : 011-86-775-5809001.

Thank you. Together we can help our best friends.

Offices to call in YuLin:

Department Contact Person Phone Number
部门联系人与联系方式 食药监办公室 陈主任(Mr. Chen) 0775-5809001
食安办 综合协调科 应急管理科 谢主任 (Mr. Xie) 0775-5808990/5809881
政府信息公开领导小组办公室 陈主任 (Mr. Chen) 0775-2681895
工商食品科 陈主任 (Mr. Chen) 0775-2691766
工商办公室 庞远君主任 (Mr. Pang) 0775-2296130
工商纪检 陈主任 (Mr. Chen) 0775-2692219
工商督查科 李主任 (Mr. Lee)    0775-2697266
玉林动物卫生监督所 卢所长     (Mr. Lu)   0775-2099000

Dear Ambassador/YuLin Food Standards office:

I am adding my voice to thousands of other people
throughout the world in demanding that the Guangxi YuLin
government puts an end to the “Dog Meat Festival” that is
held on June 21.

I have great respect for the Chinese people and Chinese
civilization, but I am horrified to learn that the brutal
Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” still exists in a modern civilized society.
The Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” is internationally perceived as a
disgrace to China. I am adamantly stating my strong opposition to
this gruesome practice. I also urge that your office works with
China’s Department of Agriculture in passing an animal
protection law in China that bans the dog and cat meat trade.

Name and City


Mail can be sent to:

UK – Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, 49-51 Portland Pl, London W1B 1JL  Attn. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

US – Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, 3505 International Place,  N.W.Washington, D.C. 20008 Attn:Ambassador Cui Tianka

If you live in a different country, please send your letter to your local Chinese embassy.

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