#707 day3a

Update #707 Tianjin dog truck rescue attempt (source Compassion for China’s Animals facebook https://www.facebook.com/CompassionForChinasAnimals?fref=ts).

Police have cordoned off the area and the dogs are at last being unloaded (into an area deemed unsuitable by activists) able to stretch legs and drink – but not safe yet – the traffickers are still refusing to sign dogs over to volunteers – volunteers are still waiting in offices of officials in Tianjin/Beijing desperately trying to save lives. Police officers have forced unloading.

Message from activists on Chinese social media : “#707 rescue three consecutive days of high temperature exposure, hundreds of dogs barking, biting railing, stretched limbs desperately for help, still huddled in death dog dog car, moving the seizure and let the epidemic spread, the Tianjin municipal government phone call stand up. Urge the country’s well-intentioned people, justice, media attention to this matter, are able to come, the guardian of hundreds of fresh life.”

So sad to see families with stolen dogs unable to claim them in this

rescue – the torture just continues in a chain reaction as more people are seeing this unjust and incomprehensible situation unfolds – animal protection laws called for asap please

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12 thoughts on “Update Rescue #707 (7th July) Tianjin Dogs Unloaded but not Safe”
  1. Please please show some compassion for these poor dogs release them to the people who own them or are trying to rescue them No need at all for this awful trade

  2. What can I do from overseas??? I will do anything to help this fire situation!!!

  3. Please release them them dogs!! They are suffering so much and it’s so cruel.The world is watching what’s going on there and are horrified by it all. Show compassion for humans best friend!

  4. Please please continue in you efforts to save these poor dogs! Thank you so much for caring x

  5. The world is watching you!!! Stop this cruelty now. Show some compassion for these poor innocent animals. Get these laws changed now!!

  6. What the hell.is wrong with the damn laws and why is it these sick anal abusers are not getting harsh punishment. Can’t professional vets go in and spay and neuter homeless animals so there won’t be tons of animals for these idiots to steal and kill them.

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