Young and Rubicam – THE WAR IS NOT OVER

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Young and Rubicam - THE WAR IS NOT OVER

We are so privileged that leading creatives are working with us. Thankyou Young and Rubicam Thailand for this award winning campaign! May 18th is our Second World Awareness Day Against the Cruel illegal Dog and Cat Meat Trade. The War is definitely NOT over. Respecting Culture does not mean Condoning Cruelty. This is an issue that unites all of us!

Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, China 21st June

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Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, China 21st June

#NoToDogMeat – want the #Yulin dog eating festival stopped before it starts this year. Many more Chinese activists and celebs are getting involved. They started in Weibo – we must echo them & offer encouragement to get a result – make sure the world hears about this disgusting ‘festival’ where all ages participate in eating dogs who will have suffered severely 10-15,000 in a weekend! #cancelYulinDogEatingFestival – in support of TACN official.

May 18th Notodogmeat World Awareness Day 2014!

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May 18th Notodogmeat World Awareness Day 2014!

Can you organise something in your area to campaign on World Awareness Day? Go ahead and do it! You don’t have to ok it with us but keep us informed so we can help you promote it!

Notodogmeat Shop

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If you want to support Notodogmeat by wearing a tee shirt here’s our new shop! Notodogmeat receives a donation of around £6-£8 per item (£10 for the hoodies).

Notodogmeat Campaign May Events!

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373039_141799105997571_457627966_q      Welcome to the new and official Notodogmeat Blog!

This month – May 2014 – sees our second ‘World Awareness Day’ on May 18th when once again we will be taking to streets to spread awareness and campaign on behalf of the millions of cats and dogs destined for the meat trade worldwide. We have several events planned for that day and weekend. Please follow our updates on here and via fb and twitter for further news.

Design by Aleah Leigh Woods Photographer Jason Lyon Alexander

Fashion designer Aleah Leigh Woods has been making some fabulous images and dresses to support our campaign! She will be Pooch Palace in Essex with Julia de Cadenet (NTDM /WPDCM CEO) soon for a fashion/celeb photoshoot. (Watch this space!) She and her brilliant models will be with us also on May 18th as we engage with the public to add to the many voices raised against the trade. In addition we have a pet healing stand planned as well as a stand near the Lush Shop and hope to have a ‘for fun’ dog show event.