Our Partner Shelter

No To Dog Meat’s Partner Shelter – The Chrysanthemum Flower Dog Shelter – located South of Beijing

In 2015 our CEO Julia was in China meeting with some of our activist friends in Hebei a province of China. Together they stopped a truck load of dogs destined for the slaughter house. The pictures and report are here
https://notodogmeat.net/2016/03/21/camille-the-story-of-one-dog-rescued-from-the-meat-trade/ . Camille and Oliver were on these trucks.

The rescue, known as “808 Rescue” involved 180 dogs and also some cats. At this time Julia was introduced to a lovely man called Mr Zhao who ran a shelter about an hour away with his wife, where they cared for around 250 – 300 dogs and some cats. My Zhao and his wife have given their lives to caring for these rescued dogs and they, along with the animals are 100% dependent on donations. It is a full time job. They actually live at the shelter.

It was agreed that the 180 dogs rescued by No To Dog Meat could live there, and that we would support Mr Zhao financially each month, effectively making us partners. Soon after our dogs were moved to the shelter, it was discovered they all had distemper so No To Dog Meat funded their veterinary treatment and dear Mr Zhaou and his wife took on their after care.

Following that in November 2015 our charity funded the construction of a brand new, larger shelter just south of Beijing because the dogs we rescued added to Mr Zhaou’s load, increasing it by one third. Now we are his partners, we are financially responsible for the new shelter and the 450 or so dogs and cats living there. Julia visited him in the summer of 2016 and we have lots of pictures of that visit. We were also able to get to know some of the individual dogs and cats at that time and they are featured on our adoption page along with pictures of the construction work. We want to get a vet to work on site.

We have named the new shelter The Chrysanthemum Flower Dog Shelter, and now fund raising for it is our charity’s  top financial priority (although other shelters can still apply to us for small one off, occasional grants).

It costs us approximately $5,000 a month to feed the dogs at our shelter and we are always looking for ideas on how to improve our fund raising. If anyone has any ideas on this please do let us know.  Or please share our donation links and posts that are specifically for our shelter from our Facebook page and web page. Donors can give a single donation or set up a monthly amount of their choosing, however small, using our simple form.

This year as well as continuing to care for the dogs which we ultimately want to re-home we want to equip a medical room at the shelter in order to provide better on-site medical care for the dogs and cats. We are introducing spay and neuter and microchipping. It will all take a lot of money and resources.

Mr Zhao have a team of local volunteers who help with the day to day work and building projects

The unltimate aim of our work with Mr Zhao is of course to rescue dogs and cats from the various aspects of meat trade, to rehabilitate them and to care for them and to facilitate their adoption onto loving homes both in China and overseas. None of this comes cheap. It cost $5000 a month alone for food. At the end the process of bringing a dog from China to overseas is complicated and logistically difficult and expensive. All this needs to be funded by donation.


We also have an adoption program for people to adopt from our shelter. Please see our adoption page for more details:


We also have a sponsorship program, where you can choose a dog or cat from the shelter to send a one off, or a regular grant to, and you will receive updates about them.  Again, the form can easily be changed to send any amount you wish, however small.


Volunteers are always welcome to visit the shelter to assist. Please do let us know if you could go. And finally please do share all our posts regarding our shelter, so we can get lots of people involved.

Thank you and bless your hearts for caring

The Team at No To Dog Meat


Our Dogs from China

We currently have 420 dogs and 36 cats in our Chinese partner sanctuary all of whom are potentially available for adoption. To set up single or monthly donations please click here http://www.notodogmeat.com/Sponsor.php

If you feel you could adopt any of our dogs and cats please contact us via the adoption enquiry form here http://www.notodogmeat.com/Adopt.ph

please make sure to include your email address. You can also reach us on info@notodogmeat.com where we are happy to answer your questions

Here are some of our dogs and cats:

Karl: This adorable boy was picked up from the roadside stuffed tightly in a crate with two other tabbies. Until we can implement our spay and neuter program males have to be kept separately from females and space at the shelter is limited.Karl has no fear of other cats or dogs and would make an ideal family pet.
Kerry: This 3 year old Golden Retriever is one of three we have in our partner shelter.Her coat still needs some attention and we are working to build her up but she has come a long way since Yulin 2015. A place with a garden or near a park would really suit her.
Jasmine has to be one of the most beautiful cats we have ever seen. She is in perfect health, super friendly, and socialises well with dogs and other cats. Rescued just after Yulin last year she is just waiting for a forever home.
Dusty lives at the Hebei shelter which is home to many of the dogs from last year’s #808 rescue. Crouching in a wooden bathtub he was too timid to come out even though there were plenty of treats to go round.  He was one of the lucky ones who survived the distemper crisis (last year we funded treatment of the entire shelter who caught this horrible disease). He has a skin condition that needs treatment and above all lots of love and reassurance.  He would be an excellent pet for a small family,
Hannah is around 4 years old b

ut due to her skin problems, which are really common in China, she looks older.  She came from a holding yard near Guandong where many of this years Yulin dog meat trade survivors ended up.  In the chaos of mass rescue volunteers end up renting small yards just to keep the animals safe.  They then look for shelters who can take in a quota.  Our activists brought her and 22 others to our new partner shelter near Beijing.  What struck me about her was her piercing blue eyes.  She has been fully vaccinated and with good nutrition she is making a slow recovery.  She is timid but gets on well with other dogs.

Frances is a labrador with a blue tongue!  She is around 2 years old and has a beautiful nature.  When she was rescued she had horrific skin issues but has made a full recovery and is now in good health.  She would live well with another dog as she is very social and enjoys company and some space to run around.
Kym: In Northern China there are many puppy farms where dogs are kept in horrific conditions. We currently have 11 German Shepherds who have been badly abused and then were sold to a slaughterhouse. Their recovery will take time as they have various medical conditions we have to attend to. Kym is one of their puppies who is bright and lively and would make an excellent pet.