On May 17, During the morning, many cities in China: Dalian, Xi’an, Shijiazhuang, Chongqing, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu and more, animal lovers united in those cities to hold a peaceful demonstration, and boycotted the coming Yulin festival. They protested against animal cruelty and the barbarity of the meat trade – They have also tried to push for the Animal Protection Act and Animal Abuse Law to be accepted at the legislation level. Yet the proposed law/bill were voted down.

Beijing team’s main destination was the Ministry of Agriculture:ChinaNtdm2

May 17, the Dalian team walked the longest distance in those cities, they have walked 30 km. Dalian peaceful demonstration was held by civil organization “Dalian Chongchong Animal Protection Association” most of the animal activists are from this organization and others are citizens. They only have one purpose: protesting against the abuse and killing, protesting against the cat and dog meat industry.

Citizens signed the banner and flag and rooted for them. Moreover, many primary and secondary students joined this activity, and their parents used this opportunity to teach their children to love animals and lead them to know the idea of refusing cat and dog meat. Having seen the significance of activity, animal lovers were very happy and they were proud of their own hard work.

In Dalian, some animal activists joined “Dalian International Walking Action” which was held near by the city government. Its theme is peace, health and communication. Animal activists used this chance to prioritize the idea of animal protection, but they did not mention the Yulin festival. However, there are still some discordant (disagreements) phenomena on the controversial dog/cat meat trade issue.

On some highways, cars were filled with dogs that were heading to that bloody and brutal city Yulin…


On 1st of June the activists plan to deliver petition signatures to the Ministry of Agriculture. Our own No To Dog Meat representative will also be back in China around that time.

Written by Nathalie Qin (Belgium)
Translated by Blair Jia  (Xi’ an China)

City Walking Action: Fight for Animal Cruelty Laws in China

       (中国大陆城市散步行动:为争取中国拥有一部《反虐待动物法》而战 )




5月17日大连散步行动是所有参加的城市中,散步距离最长的一个团队,一共走了30公里。大连散步行动由大连民间动保组织Dalian Chongchong Animal Protection Association (大连宠宠联盟)发起的,志愿者多来自这家民间动保团体,另有一些市民参加。目的只有一个:抗议虐待虐杀,抗议猫狗肉产业。参加散步的市民们都纷纷在条幅和标志旗上签名支持。参加的还有不少在校中小学生,家长们则利用此机会向孩子们灌输“爱动物,拒食猫狗”的动保理念。看到此次散步活动意义重大,志愿者们都感到很开心,为自己的辛勤付出而骄傲。

大连一些志愿者此前还参加了5月16日由市政府组织的 “Dalian International Walking Action”,活动主题:和平、健康、交流。 大连一些动保组织则利用此次城市散步活动,宣传动保理念,但没有提及抗议玉林狗肉节。

与志愿者城市散步抗议活动不相协调的一面风景是,在一些高速公路上,满载偷盗而来狗狗们的运狗车却已开始一辆一辆开往那个中国南部血腥城市玉林 ……..

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