Fantastic Notodogmeat supporters Susan Repp and Sarah Tully decided to take matters into her own and set up a stall at the Denver Pet Expo last Saturday 16th August to spread awareness for the fight against the dog meat trade! As well as some amazing eye-catching leaflet outfits they had mounted a collage of dog pictures combining loved family pets and dog meat trade victims to highlight the heart-wrenching difference in the way these animals are treated.

Susan writes “A totally awesome event to educate animal lovers about the barbaric, illegal dog & cat meat trade in Asia. Sassy and I spoke to people ALL day, non-stop and the interest and support was incredible–though I expected that from animal lovers. The majority of people knew about the eating habits but knew NOTHING of the horrors behind it. There were a lot of people that just broke down and cried with disbelief!! My heart was uplifted by the people who stopped by. Thank you to Sassy for being my partner in crime and for all that helped me put the information together. Thank you to NOTODOGMEAT for their donations all the way from the U.K. I still have a few items for sale if anybody is interested, it helps pay for literature etc which BTW, we ran out of!!!! See you next time Kim!! Thank you everybody”

From the rest of us – Thank you Susan and Sarah! xxx

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