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More activists are now coming into Yulin from throughout the country. A Buddhist monk organized an event in front of the dog meat stalls to offer prayers to the slaughtered dogs so that they can rest in peace (photo 1). There have been more confrontations between dog meat merchants and the demonstrators (photos 2 – 3).
Activists are discovering more illegal slaughterhouses which is generating more media coverage. (photos 4-5)
More movie stars and singers are speaking out to condemn the YuLin Dog Meat Festival. A benefit concert for “Stop the YuLin Dog Meat Festival ” is being organized. (photos 6-7)

The dog meat vendors at the market are complaining about the drop in their business and about the frequent inspections by local FDA officials.
At this time, we think what might be happening on 6/21, which is the main day of the festival, is that some local people will buy the dog meat and have a private party at their homes to avoid the demonstrators. Fewer out-of-town visitors will travel to YuLin because of the publicity that we have generated.
More plain clothes police officers are around in Yulin in case there is trouble.

As of today, the YuLin government has not yet issued an official “ban” on the dog meat festival.

With or without an “official ban”, we will still have our Chinese team members looking closely at all activities even after 6/21 because we believe that the dog meat industry will go underground.

I will keep you posted on the latest developments

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you do! It is wonderful to know that there are Asians who care. Will be donating sometime in the future.

  2. Thank you so much for being such heroes! My heart and thoughts are with you! Please keep going..!

    All the best from Switzerland

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