Dogs and Cats brutally slaughtered for food in Asia and beyond are often stolen pets/sick strays or raised on dirty farms. They pumped full of high levels of antibiotics harmful to human health and can carry diseases such as rabies,avian flu and brucellosis.

Please sign our pledge to urge the World Health Organisation to declare them unfit for human consumption and United Nations to classify all dogs and cats as companion animals not food.




By NoToDogMeat

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5 thoughts on “Help us End the Brutality and Sign Our Pledge”
  1. Wake up world these precious babies are murdered for luck not food in the new year. The more they suffer the luckier the person will be. STOP THE MASSACRE.

  2. Cats and dogs are not there to be eaten. They are companions! They have feelings just like us but they are treated in this disgusting and cruel way. It has to STOP!

  3. Please stop this horrible Madness! Its the most disgusting treatment on the earth!!!

  4. Spread the word to everyone you know ! People need to know about these horrors RIGHT NOW ! Tell your family, friends and loved ones !

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