Michael is a beautiful male Samoyed about seven years old. We rescued him last year from a disgusting ‘wet’ market, and many of you will have seen his photo on our calendar.

He had some ear issues, but we were sure once he flew to his new home, he would be fine. Unfortunately, due to the virus, he could not fly, and he has been in hiding in Anna’s small room. We were unable to bring him back to our base and Anna is still building her smallholding yard.

Now poor Michael is suffering. His ears have become so inflamed, and he needs surgery. We think he is already partly deaf. His knees have also developed arthritis from being cooped up (see the video taken this morning).

We managed to move him to a temporary base in Beijing so we can get him to the animal hospital, but with over 450 dogs and cats in our care who we struggle each month to feed and with the constant lockdowns and roadblocks we need your help.

Please help with our heartfelt fundraiser for Michael so we can get his operation done and any spare funds we will use for vaccinations and medical needs at our shelter.

Anna worked so hard to get Michael’s paperwork along with our poodles so they could fly to new homes and it would devastate us to lose him now.


By Julia de Cadenet

In 2009 I witnessed the horrific dog and cat meat trade in China and decided to do something about it. I founded the Global NoToDogMeat Campaign and raised the issue for the 1st time in over 20 years in Uk Parliament. 7 years on social media is flooded with awareness campaigns on this issue and I really hope change will come.

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  1. i have never known those evil butchers to come up with this comment & realise that cats & dogs are NOT FOOD !!!!! i am gob smacked!!!!. Every day ,month, after month year after year, they have been killing cats & dogs & now they come up with this comment & realise that they are not “FOOD”!! ARE THEY KIDDING US?. In 2020 they think this? WOW what a turn around!!!! I hope they will never torture or kill another pet again !!!!.

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