For years we have been warning the UK and Chinese Governments over concerns with food safety. Dogs and cats are brutalised right next to chickens and other animals and in front of children is a crime scene. Not only do the animals suffer terribly, but this brutality takes place in front of children. We have consistently warned about airborne and droplet transmitted diseases. With this recent outbreak of coronavirus, it is time to end the public slaughter of animals forever. It is time to close the Yulin dog meat festival and all dog meat markets. Please sign and share our petition.

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6 thoughts on “Food Safety and Coronavirus”
  1. Animals are treated in such a barbaric way. It’s about time china got to the 21sr century like other civilised countrys.

  2. Enough suffering of animals.
    This diseases happen because theses animals are tested inhumanly and in horrific conditions. Stress ,filth, caged , lack of water, wounds , lack of food
    Never mind all the mental suffering.

    It is time that you stop this barbaric horror to these poor animals. The world has been watching and shame on you !!!!!

  3. Dogs love us how can anyone do such a thing to them breaks my heart . They are mans best friend and have been for thousands of years .Is this how we repay their loyalty .It should have never happened and makes me feel ashamed to think we did this cruel evilness to them .Its shameful and embarrassing to be human .

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