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Yulin Dog Meat ‘ Festival’ is likely to take place next week. Our hearts are broken. We have been campaigning for ten years to end this cruelty and saved hundreds of dogs and cats.

New animal welfare regulations and also concerns about the pandemic gave us hope Yulin City will see sense. People eat dog meat in this south China province all year round, and tourists love to come on Summer Solstice, get drunk and feast on dogs. They don’t care.

As soon as we got word that trucks were on the move, we knew we had to act. Our activists, led by Mr Zhao, who runs our big China shelter, will make the 3000 km trip to the region in the next few days.

They are planning to attend and protest, documenting health violations and help to produce a report that the Ministry of Agriculture cannot deny.

We will also rescue whatever pups we can (without paying high prices) and shame traders and revellers.

This action is powerful because our team is made up entirely of Chinese animal lovers and volunteers.

They know how hard you have all worked signing petitions and writing letters, and they are ready to make sacrifices in the boiling heat to do their bit.

Like us, they cannot bear the idea of dogs packed in cages, no food, water, or shelter. Blood, urine, faeces everywhere. It is a horror show. Terrified eyes, pleading for their lives.

We need your help to make this happen. As a small charity, we rely on your donations. Please chip in what you can to help pay for the activists trip and cover veterinary and associated expenses so we can save as many lives as we can.


By NoToDogMeat

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6 thoughts on “End Yulin 2021 Activists Head To Yulin”
  1. Please please I beg u stop this evil trade please,I cry.most nights,breaks my heart

  2. Please please Ban this evil trade,they suffer hell,them fur babies little puppies,how can u do this,please everybody help please

  3. Hello we will help stop this shit happening all the way you have our familys’ support

  4. China is endangering the world by continuing to allow the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival to happen, with the Covid 19 pandemic ravaging the world and thought to have been started in China, one would have thought that dog and cat meat eating would have been made illegal in China, if this festival is allowed to continue the world will hold you responsible China

  5. we need humanity not cruelty
    save dogs and cats
    the best friends are the animals
    human beings must show love with the animals

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