We received some upsetting news from our animal loving friends in Egypt. They report that Chinese migrant workers who work in Egyptian cement factories are capturing stray dogs, torturing them and eating them.

We need your help to sign and share out petition to the Egyptian Authorities, where we ask them to punish these workers for torture of animals and to make dog eating illegal. As well, we ask them to speak to the Chinese Government about the behaviour of these workers.

Please sign and share our petition to the Egyptian Authorities

Please join us on Facebook, for further actions on how you can help fight the dog meat trade!

Our small charity relies on donations to help us with our global lobbying campaigns as well as helping shelters to look after hundreds of rescued dogs and cats, if anyone is able to help, our simple form makes it easy to send a single amount of your choosing

thank you so much 

The original facebook post from our Egyptian friends is herehttps://www.facebook.com/sousa.koka009/videos/pcb.2107328952682045/2107326576015616/?type=3&theater WARNING graphic video. 

By Julia de Cadenet

In 2009 I witnessed the horrific dog and cat meat trade in China and decided to do something about it. I founded the Global NoToDogMeat Campaign and raised the issue for the 1st time in over 20 years in Uk Parliament. 7 years on social media is flooded with awareness campaigns on this issue and I really hope change will come.

One thought on “Chinese Workers in Egypt – Torture and Eat Stray Dogs for Dinner”
  1. Cruel savages inflicting immeasurable pain and horror on dogs MUST BE STOPPED ! Please pass this website and message on to everyone you know – many people have NO idea about the horrible acts like these and others that take place everyday ! Teach them !

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