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During our time in Yulin we knew the killing was taking place behind closed doors. But we did not expect what we found – a dog farm!  On Tuesday this week our activists  had a lead that there was a place restaurants were visiting as well as customers to obtain dog meat. We had to travel outside of Yulin and off the beaten track about 40 km away from the city. Until now all spokespeople have told us that dog meat farms were only a reality in Korea. However this week our activists have been able to expose the evidence that farms also exist in China where dogs are bred for meat.  Dogs were kept in wire cages with no access to food or clean water. Others were left to roam and then brutally grabbed by metal prods and killed right in front of us. The most heartbreaking were the cages of small dogs wagging their tails with pleading eyes. Here we were able to rescue the cage full of puppies you see in the picture. Raising dogs for livestock is illegal in China. Since April 2020 Dogs have been classified as pets. It is our vow to close this place down and all other dog farms.

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