Julia de Cadenet and Bokdays Film at Cannes

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10313562_432111503590799_7574114699903984333_n               #NoToDogMeat : Nearly one year ago, our CEO and Founder Julia deCadenet took a short film to the Cannes Film Festival. This was shown in the famous Marche du Film and will be available this year at Cannes in the on-line screen room. It is a montage of images from the activist Kyenan Kum from IAKA, who pioneered the campaign to tell the world about the terrible plight of dogs in South Korea. Julia and Kyenan continue to work to raise awareness and help small shelters for one reason and one reason only.. the dogs and cats! Look into the eyes of this poor fellow, one of the images Ms Kum took photo over 20 years ago ! ! Perhaps progress has been made. That’s what we would all love to hear but there is a still a long way to go. Both Julia and Kyenan and their respective organisations have faced opposition.Neither will stop trying. If you look into this dogs eyes, really look, and you knew you could even make a small difference, would you stop trying? Please join us on May 18th 2014

Spread the Word for the Dogs and Cats

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Some people say, wearing a shirt that says NoToDogMeat or NoToCatMeat or handing out some flyers won’t change the world. We say we love you ! No action is ever too small. As long as dogs and cats are begging for their lives. As long as they are tortured for food, beaten to death and skinned alive, you will find us out campaigning. Family campaign with a serious message
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