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Sunday 14th June 2015 was a first. First time I had taken part in The London City Mile, and the First time the run was aimed to raise awareness for The Dog/Cat meat Trade. The City Mile came at a very important time of the year- YULIN. The most disgusting, vile, barbaric so called ‘festival’ on earth. (We all know by now what these poor innocent dogs and cats are put through, and so I won’t elaborate)

London was particularly wet that morning, and very cold (well I was in shorts, but I do feel the cold more than others!) but there was also a buzz in the air, an excitement that kept me warm.

It was the fact that myself, and three other ladies would be running this mile wearing our ‘No To Dog Meat’ T-shirts, and raising awareness for something we feel so strongly about.

The actual race was amazing, there was atmosphere, people cheering us on, and a sense that we were doing something positive. (I for one have been crying most days over Yulin, feeling helpless, but this certainly was the tonic that was needed)

As I was heading towards the finish line I noticed a ‘No To Dog meat’ top in my view and it was Carolyn who said afterwards I gave her that extra spur to run that bit faster towards the finishing line! As the commentator announced “come on show your support” and crossing in the line in 8 minutes 26 seconds ((was very proud of that, especially on very little sleep!) I felt rather emotional.
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Julia De Cadenet CEO of NoToDogMeat, Jo, and other great ‘NTDM’ supporters were awaiting our finish, along with four amazing furry supporters, and then we had a number of people approach us and ask about the charity which was the aim.

That day more people were aware of Yulin, and went home knowing this really happens. We then hope they will tell their family and friends, and the chain continues.

Without a doubt there has been a positive even though the Chinese still let Yulin go ahead. The fact that National newspapers covered it, groups gathered outside The Chinese Embassy, Twitter went crazy, thousands of people signed petitions, AND it was discussed on ‘Victoria Derbyshire’ morning programme is a mile stone.

As was the Mile we ran in London that day. We had not done this before but hopefully next year there won’t just be the four of us there will be 50 of us sporting ‘No To Dog Meat’ tops, running or supporting on the side line… and no doubt it will probably still be raining.

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