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Tomorrow (6/21 Saturday) is the official Yulin dog meat festival. The locals, however, has already started celebrating the event. Meanwhile, many animal rights activists from different parts of China have also arrived Yulin to protest against the event as well as attempt to save as many dog as they can by purchasing them from the local traders.

When everyone thought things cannot possibly get any worse with all the cruelty and pain that comes with this horrific event, the dog eating people of Yulin decided to show the world another layer of barbarity and twisted mind.

Earlier today (6/20 Friday), a local market in Yulin was packed with dog meat traders selling dogs for their meat. All the dogs are cramped in tiny cages and waiting to be picked and slaughtered. Several animal rights activists were negotiating with some traders over prices of the dogs the were selling. Their funds was running low as they had already purchased over 10 dogs from this market. Having learned the intentions of the activists, a local dog meat trader started torturing the dogs and yelled at the activists “Are you going to buy it or not?? If not, I will strangle it to death!!” In order to stop the trader from continuously torturing the dog, the activists had not any other choices but to buy the dog from the trader for 350RMB (56USD). After receiving the money from the activists, the trader showed off his “victory” by standing on his moped and “proudly” waving the cash at the crowd. The crowd of local people then responded with joyful cheers and laughter.

This trader’s successful deal making style was almost immediately adapted by another trader of 5 dogs in the market. The other trader started beating his 5 dogs on their heads with a wooden stick. He also yelled at the activists stating that he would kill his dogs by beating them on their heads unless the activists would buy all of them for 2,000RMB (322USD). He also said that he would not stop beating them until he gets paid. The crowd responded to this round with even more “enthusiasm”. Some one in the crowed even offered to pay the trader to kill the dog! All 5 dogs were cramped in a tiny cage that was sitting at the back of this trader’s bike. One of the dogs had already hurt very bad as lots of blood started running down his head. Again, the activists did the only thing they could to save these 5 dogs – they bought all of them for 1,600RMB(260USD). After sealing the deal, the other trader didn’t forget to complete his “victory” by waving the cash at the crowed and enjoying the applause and several thumb ups from the crowed.

Words can no longer describe how sickening this whole thing make us feel. We cannot even begin to imagine what it was like for the activists on scene. Please keep in mind that this is still only ONE incident happened in ONE city during ONE event. This has further proven that fighting against a wide spectrum of wars including people’s mentalities and cruel culture from the past. It is and will continue to be an incredibly difficult journey for anyone who decides to take on this fight. It is a war in which our determination and resolve will be continually tested.

Your support and involvement will help us stay stronger and fight harder! Please share with with world and support our work in fighting against animal cruelty and dog meat trade in China!

Please join our campaign and help us shut down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! –>

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