Breaking News - Dogs Mountain - More Dogs Rescued! #dogmeattrade #philippines

‪‪#‎Phillippines‬. ‪#‎Saved‬ from the ‪#‎DogMeatTrade‬. 8 dogs arrive at Dogs mountain ~ pulled out from a slaughter house, by animal caring students, Jenni and Mannie , two girls who asked us if we’d take them in to save them from death. As with most strays from the streets, most are in poor shape & stand no chance of appealing to potential new owners, despite a positive attitude from this pound to find homes for them .. Now these bedraggled dogs can relax, eat well & get back in shape … one we see has a Hernia which will need operating …one has deformed rear legs and they are all in need of care…. but at last they’re alive. God Bless Loving students Jennie and Mannie who have ‪#‎Rescued‬ 8 dogs from the ‪#‎Slaughterhouse‬.
Our Charity Trustee John who set up the Sanctuary DOGS MOUNTAIN with his own money will now be able to take care of them.
Please help. :

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