BREAKING Coastal Resort HOI AN CITY VIETNAM pledges to improve animal welfare and end the dog and cat meat trade.


Yesterday  Vietnam officials took the bold step in HOI An City of signing a memorandum  of understanding committing to eradicate rabies and  formally recognised this could not be done without banning the dog and cat meat trade.

The pandemic has raised the consciousness of zoonotic diseases and addressed animal welfare. Officials plan to run a campaign to boost local public awareness and enforce regulations to end the trade. We hope this declaration will encourage Hanoi to make good on its 2018 promises.

An estimated five million dogs are eaten every year in Vietnam – many people there still believe eating dog meat can help dispel bad luck.

In 2014 our charity helped Channel 4 produce a documentary about how people’s pets were being snatched from their homes. We also support small rescuers with care packages and in 2020 exposed the horrific way black cats are boiled alive to make

NoToDogMeat has long advocated for countries to address health concerns and the dangers of rabies and other diseases eating dogs and cats can bring.

We welcome this news, and it encourages us to forge on with our projects in Cambodia, educating and engaging with village chiefs to bring change in animal welfare and find sustainable alternatives to this cruel slaughter.

Please do sign our pledge to the UN asking for dogs and cats to be classed as pets, not food.



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