China Says Dogs and Cats Are Friends Not Food

One week after the city Shenzhen bans eating dogs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has drawn up guidelines to classify dogs and cats as pets and not food. The pledge thousands of you signed to China, and the UN has made a difference. Well done, everyone. It has taken the tragedy of coronavirus to make the Chinese realise that our pets are not their food.

There is now a published list by the Ministry on Wednesday 8th April of animals that can be livestock. Dogs and cats are NOT on this list.

A spokesperson for China Ministry of Agriculture said, “As far as dogs are concerned, along with the progress of human civilisation and the public love and concern for animal protection dogs have been ‘specialised’ to become companion animals and internationally are not considered to be livestock, and they will not be regulated as livestock in China”.

This news is huge, and while this does not mean an immediate ban, it recognises the demands, wishes and prayers of us all. We said #NoToDogMeat, and now after nearly ten years, China is listening. #NoActionTooSmall

Much work ahead but we remain hopeful this is the end to Yulin Torture festival, and we can work to close dog and cat meat markets and slaughterhouses.

Please keep signing and sharing our petition

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  1. Omg it seems too good to be true. I am here to help to ban this wicked evil trade in China and do even more to stop cruelty and make sure its enforced. I am elated that this news has happened at long last. Still keep pressure up xx

  2. This is such a disturbing and inhuman practice. Thank god things are changing. Let’s hope fast. More and more education in animal welfare needed. I thank those in China on the ground who witness such horror in order to save the animals . Your all heros.

  3. Please put an end to this ! It’s a devastating!

  4. Makes me feel sick to think that animal’s so intelligent and loving to humans can be treated so badly and seen as food. This has to be banned forever and anyone found to be cruel should be treated the same way!!!

  5. Please, let’s extend our attention to ALL live meat markets in the world. Of course we don’t want our pets to be tortured and eaten. However, other animals (eg. Bats, etc.) are also torched to death, butchered and eaten in these filthy settings. For thesake of the animals and our fellow humans, let’s work to eradicate these disease ridden practices.

  6. It’s the time to raise our voice against the tortured and eaten of lovely pets and other animals like,cow,camel in the world. Each and every pets have anima like human, so we should respect them and offer something to their peaceful life.🦓🐪🐕🐏🐓🦃🐖💕

  7. Time to end this despicable cruelty and trade shame on China and other countries who continue to ignore and carry on. The civilised world will continue to call you out until you stop this evil.


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