UK Parliamentarians Vow to End the Dog Meat Trade

19780667_1050766565058620_8642769198628574615_oWe are pleased to support the UK parliament and the proposed bill to ban the sale and transportation of dog meat in the UK

The incredible Jim Shannon MP spoke out firmly against the heinous dog meat trade. Watch his heartfelt speech here:

Parliament Live TV: Banning the consumption of dog meat in the UK

This was followed by highly Informative talk by Bill Wiggins MP, who was equally passionately about ending the dog meat trade.

Talk by Bill Wiggins MP

Last but not least, Giles Watling MP who took the lead in the debate.

Giles Watling MP meets with Ministers to discuss banning dog and cat meat trade

Our CEO provided yesterday’s meeting with some information about the cat meat trade and urged MP’s to take into account the fact dog and cat fur was being sold in London. Our Charity is working to engage them with our WHO/OIE contacts, as well as inviting them to attend the UN under the umbrella of our Charity who have Special Status as Consultants  the UN Eco Soc Council.

To follow updates please visit

NoToDogMeat on Facebook

We rely on your donations and help for us continue our campaign. Please support us with whatever you can and share our posts.

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  1. Reblogged this on Julia de Cadenet- Official Blog and commented:
    Just when I had lost all faith in the Conservatives they are finally speaking out for the dogs and cats used for food and fur. (Only took us 6 years of lobbying)


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