Hollywood Says No To Dog Meat Today July 5th 6pm PDT!

Fantastic news! Wonderful Hollywood Animal Activistas Fia Perera, Lori Alan, Sky Valencia and Shannon Lee have organised a demonstration to say ‘No To Dog Meat’ at the ‘Chinese Splendor’ performance, Hollywood Bowl today! The fight to end the suffering of millions of animals is so in need of amazing celebrities to speak out and gain worldwide attention for the cause – Thank You!


  1. Reblogged this on Julia de Cadenet Official Blog and commented:
    Julia de Cadenet thanks big hearted Hollywood celebrities for speaking up for cats and dogs. I was overwhelmed when Hollywood Actress and animal-lover Fia Perera contacted me to say and event had been organised this #FourthofJuly to say NoToDogMeat. The timing could not be be better in the wake of Yulin’s Dog Meat festival and the forthcoming Korean DogMeat Bokday’s. As a lawyer in the film business I know how busy performers are and to give their time so generously to to a charitable cause is amazing. We really hope 100,000 signatures will be raised on our whitehouse petition.
    Respecting Culture can never mean condoning Cruelty


  2. félicitations aux artistes courageux qui n’ont pas peur de défendre les innocentes victimes du profit et du gouvernement qui ne bouge pas et qui s’en contre fiche! MERCI à ces célébrités qui sont les plus aptes à agir du fait du poids de leur audimat et de leur reletions. CHAPEAU


  3. Les animaux sont des êtres sensibles
    Ils souffrent autant ou sinon plus que les humains au vue des tortures qu’ils subissent
    Stoppons cet barbarie
    Merci pour les anges


  4. It is important for the world to see that it is wrong to kill any animal to eat. Humans teeth are designed to grind and chew and crush not tear apart meat. If we were we would eat our meat raw as it is naturally done by animals that eat meat as they are born to eat meat. We can’t just say no to dogs and cats there are all kinds of animals being killed for a population of very lazy spoiled humans that think they have the right to mass farm and mass slaughter because they can and it is few and far between that any human wants to put up their hand and speak up for them because it is wrong and it is murder plain and simple


  5. non a l agonie que l estomac d humain se prépare a devenir un cercueil a bouffé les martyrs des camps de concentrations que sont les abattoirs


  6. Fia – I am so proud to call you a friend…you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts to save animals. Once you have championed a cause, it succeeds. YOU ROCK!


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